Basketball Data Analytics Battles (Winter/Spring 2018)

The Basketball Data Analytics Battles is a competition that will introduce high school students and teachers from the state of Iowa to the exciting world of Data Science. High School teams of students will be required to produce an algorithm that will select ten teams that have qualified for the 2018 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament to pick the winner. The top ten teams the algorithm predicts most likely to win the tournament will be inversely numbered ten through one. Each time a team selected wins a tournament game, they will earn the numbered points assigned. The goal is to maximize the number of accumulated points earned for the entire tournament.

What makes this a challenging competition is that the algorithms produced must be submitted in advance of the date the tournament field is announced. To assist students in developing their algorithms, the tournament results from the years 2013 - 2017 along with relevant statistics for each team will be provided in user friendly Excel spread sheets. This will allow student teams to develop and test algorithms using the tournament results and team statistics provided. Pending funding, follow up activities such as a Data Science Conference and Training Workshops will be provided for all the participating students and teachers sponsoring teams. For more information, please visit the competition platform website below.


Training Workshops (Summer 2018)

Pending funding, the ICIT will provide several training workshops for high school students and teachers across the state of Iowa. These workshops will be hosted by institutions of Higher Education and will focus on either Data Science training or preparing students for the international competition the High School Mathematical Competition in Modeling (HiMCM). The HiMCM takes place in the Fall and is sponsored by the Consortium of Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP). For more information on the HiMCM, please visit the competition website below.

Micropolitan Area Challenge Project

Micropolitan Areas are cities of population 10,000 to 50,000 that center around rural areas in the United States. These cities are vitally important in that they provide most of the essential resources for the citizens of the surrounding rural communities. There are nineteen recognized Micropolitan Areas in the state of Iowa. In a March 30, 2017 Des Moines Register article titled; How Iowa’s midsize cities have been left behind, the many challenges facing these cities in terms of their long-term sustainability were highlighted as well as the lack of recognition of the problems that exist. Very little research has been conducted to date on the challenges facing the many Micropolitan Areas across the nation. Questions such as how to reverse the trends that are leading to the challenges and the economic impact that will result if the problems are left unchecked must be addressed. By developing IPSC’s across the state of Iowa dedicated to addressing the Micropolitan Area Challenge, the state of Iowa will quickly become ground zero for this important research.