How We Do It

To accomplish its goals, the ICIT will first provide high school students and teachers across the state of Iowa experiences through competitions and training workshops that are intended to start developing their interdisciplinary problem-solving abilities. Long term, the ICIT intends to build Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving Communities (IPSC) across the state of Iowa. An IPSC will be student driven and will consist of:

  • High school and college students from the area.
  • High school teachers and post-secondary educators from the area.
  • Business leaders and concerned citizens from the area.

An IPSC will be a collaboration between School Districts, institutions of Higher Education, Businesses and the citizens of local communities. An IPSC will use a Community Based Participatory Research Methodology to tackle student identified problems facing the local community.  In the process, a collaborative interdisciplinary learning environment for students that is project and research based will be created.